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Health & Medicine

AB NICOS provides the following services:

1. Fumigation
2. Pest control
3. Veterinary services
4. Dogs and Cats vaccination and therapy
5. Garden repair and maintenance
6. General cleaning
“We keep you First & Keep you Ahead”
*AB Nicos Ltd*| *Mobile: (+250) 788318764 / 0788312114 /0728803795 /0733547000
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I. AB Nicos Ltd; we are a pest control company, which is specialized in protecting your property, before pests become a problem.

What Do We Do? Our pest control treatment and inspection services are performed while taking your satisfaction into account. We guarantee it. We involve you in the process and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We know that each situation is different. That’s why our pest control inspectors and exterminators assess the problem, and then meet you to discuss what needs to be done. There are no surprises later on. We give you the facts up front and customize a treatment program that works for you.

II. Our Commitment Our Quality Control Program is unparalleled in the industry. We make sure the service is done in the right way and we have the process and people in place to guarantee it. Our Performance Home Pest Control offers homeowners and businesses a full complement of pest control inspection and treatment service options, termite treatment programs (with non-confusing termite warranty options and no deductibles on damage claims), as well as repair and moisture control services. Also, we only use environmentally sensitive and registered products for all pest control solutions (accepted by Rwanda Standard Board “RSB”).

III. AB Nicos Ltd; is a leader in the pest control industry. Locally owned and operated, we have been serving Kigali homeowners, businesses and residential builders since 2012. We stand behind the pest control services with “The No-Pest Promise”. Our Experience Our pest control inspection team, technicians/exterminators are trained, certified, and knowledgeable in all facets of pest and termite control. In addition, our continuing education program insures you are getting well-informed, highly skilled professionals trained in the latest pest control treatment technology.
IV. Our Services Pest Control/Termite Control
•Repair leaky sinks and pipes.
•Check showers and baths for leaky plumbing.
•Check gutters and downspouts.
Make sure water runs away from your home and does not accumulate near the foundation.
V. Mosquito Treatment/Control
•Remove any standing water. Remove any object that can catch rainwater, including empty buckets, plastic containers, pot holes, etc.
•Replace the water in your birdbath or water garden frequently. While these lawn and garden fixtures provide pleasure for you and your feathered friends, they also can be a haven for mosquitoes.
•Turn unused wheelbarrows upside down.

VI. Our Services Termite Damage Warranty
•Foundation Sill Repair
•Sub Floor Repair
•Bathroom Floor Replacement (tile and vinyl) Ant Extermination
•Cleaning up crumbs and spills right away
•Making sure garbage bags are sealed and kept away from the home
•Keeping food packages closed after opening (Moisture Control •
Moisture Barriers •
Foundation Vents Flea Pest Control •Vacuum all rugs, carpets and furniture – especially between and under cushions. Then, seal and dispose of the vacuum bag in an outside receptacle. •Clear and clean all floors, even closets. Mop all tile and vinyl floors. Sweep all concrete floors
VII. Our Services Rodent Control
•The most reliable sign of an infestation is rodent droppings. You may find droppings where you store your food and especially pet food. Other common places are in cupboards, under the sink, along walls or on top of wall studs or beams. Storage rooms, sheds and barns with stored boxes or old furniture make great homes for rodents. •Rodents tend to build their nests from materials that are soft, fuzzy or warm; such as shredded paper, dry grass, fabric or furniture stuffing. The nests will be located in sheltered areas close to food and water. •Food boxes, containers or food itself that appears to be nibbled. Look for droppings nearby. Rodents can chew through plastic, so plastic bags do not make safe food storage containers.

Business Contact Information:
AB Nicos Ltd*| *Mobile: (+250) 788318764 / 0788312114 /0728803795 /0733547000
| *E-mail:


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