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All Tours Shuttles

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All Tours Shuttles is a fully registered shuttle company for transfer of tourists all over southern Africa. We have a sizeable fleet of fully air-conditioned quantum combis driven by highly motivated professionally registered drivers. Our slogan "safe and professional shuttle leaders" reflects the values which drive this venture, in terms of customer focus and overall transport safety. As a small company, we acknowledge existence of other competitors in the tourism industry by providing a shuttle-only service as prescribed in the Tourism license we are registered under, limiting ourselves to that service only. Our pricing is equally competitive as it is driven by the current market demand in place at the moment when a customer places a shuttle request, and these prices are not fixed, and therefore may change from time to time. Strategic alliances with other transport players in the tourism sector ensure a seamless and hassle-free customer service from the time a shuttle request is placed up to the end of a shuttle deal.


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