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Ameki Color

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AMEKI in full means, Atelier de Meubles de Kigali.
This workshop or Atelier started in 1982 by Jaques Rusirare a Rwandese citizen. The workshop is located in Kicukiro, along the Kigali-Kicukiro-Kanombe route. Today, this workshop that fabricates furniture both wood and metalic is so far the biggest in the country. She has modern equipment that suit requirements of modern times but ofcourse on the standds of developing economics.
This workshop employes more than one hundred people with monthly gross sales of about thirty million Rwanda francs.

There is also AMEKI COLOR. This one started in 1989 by Jaques Rusirare. It is the biggest in terms of output and capacity. It is located in Gikondo in the industrial area. It deals in paint manufacturing and has the capacity to satisfy customer requirements at short notice regardless of quantities demand. Presently AMEKI COLOR has almost 70%of the paint market in RWANDA.
There is also AMEKI POLYESTER and PLASTICmanufacturing section. AMEKI POLYESTER deals in manufacturing of water tanks out of polyester materials. It is located in Gikondo in the industrial area. These water tanks have capacity to with-stand high temperatureand atmospheric pressure and are rust resistant. This section of AMEKI is not so big but has managed to satisfy domestic market, but plans are under way to improve her capacity and efficiency.
AMEKI PLASTIC is still small, presently is only manufacturing paint plastic countainers. Plans are underway to start manufacturing different types of plastic containers, those domestic and foreign requirements. AMEKI POLYESTER and PLASTIC manufacturing startedin 1996.

Bp. 1162, Gikondo Industrial Park, Kigali, Rwanda


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