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Bestline Holdings & Logistics LTD is a registered medium sized Clearing & Forwarding firm. We are an Authorized Service Provider in the field of Customs Clearing, Freight Forwarding, Transportation and Logistics meeting all the KRA statutory requirements, as per the Law. The company was formed to provide professional services as the need for clearing and forwarding grew and importers and exporter’s clogged at the port to have their consignment delivered as soon as they arrived.

We specialize in the freighting of time sensitive commodities such as motor vehicles, spare parts, industrial equipment and machinery, perishable products like fruits, flowers and vegetables as well as general cargo.

For any international trader importing or exporting goods over international borders, extended delays in customs departments will have a detrimental impact on customer relations and profitability. Even if items clear customs quickly, if they have been classified under an incorrect customs tariff and are subject to unbudgeted additional tax or duty which too can cost companies dearly. In the long run, it pays to manage customs’ processes with experienced, skilled professionals, such as WFL, to smooth the flow of goods. Bestline Holdings & Logistics LTD has the skilled personnel, facilities, depth of knowledge and expertise to satisfy the requirements of all East African customs authorities and can clear goods at all customs points within East Africa.


To provide continuous high value services to our clients through alignment of our services to their needs, by making the client our focal point and a creative and innovative approach to our business.

We do it as a team through constant improvement of efficiency and in partnership with international players who share our vision, goals and values.


To achieve and maintain the highest level of professionalism and efficiency in order to become an integral part of our clients’ business.


To provide and market value-for- money to suit every pocket


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