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We are Kimpovi !

We generated links between the legal world, technological innovation and society as a whole (Law + Technology = Kimpovi).

In African societies, general problems are resolved diplomatically, in traditional courts there is a figure who dominates the art of oratory and being part of the family or does not speak in defense of the interests of the party he represents, the Latins called this figure as advocatus, in Bacongo (African) society are called by Mpovi or Kimpovi .

Thus, we were born from the desire to do justice in the villages of the continent, the cradle of humanity, and we embrace new technologies to reaffirm the desire to contribute to an Angola and a fairer world.

We know the law and its importance in any society, but we are aware that nowadays technology and innovation are part of our lives and professionals who want to stand out from the crowd must embrace new technologies in the proportion necessary for the exercise of its function with distinction.

Kimpovi was born to materialize the link between legal professionals (lawyers and others) and new technologies, making them visible and contactable by any citizen or company, wherever they are.

Slogan: “ Your legal help always at hand ”


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