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Lycée Français Alioune Blondin Beye


The Alioune Blondin BEYE high school is part of the largest global network of French schools in terms of its size and density: the network of establishments of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). It is a so-called “conventionné” establishment, with AEFE.

The excellence of the education received, in perfect compliance with the French programs of the Ministry of National Education, allows each student to continue their course in any establishment of the network. It is an approved establishment , which guarantees students a course similar to that of students in France. In fact, obtaining the Baccalaureate, at the end of secondary studies, allows our future students to integrate the majority of universities and colleges in the world.

We thus offer students lessons in line with French programs , from Kindergarten to Terminale. This year, we welcome nearly 900 students. Two-thirds of the children are enrolled in primary school and the last third in secondary school. The school is enriched by the multiple nationalities of the students who attend it.

The supervision of the students is ensured by teams of professionals , pedagogical, administrative and school life, committed and dedicated. All staff make every effort day after day to ensure that all students succeed to the best of their abilities.

Our educational teams rely on the school project which aims to develop the French language and culture , cultural and linguistic openness , as well as the values ​​founding our French education system. A particular effort is made to open up to the culture and language of our host country.

Together, with the actors of our educational community, staff, parents, and also with our various partners, institutional or not, we work daily for the well-being of our students and the development of their knowledge and skills .


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