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Private University of Angola


The Private University of Angola, abbreviated as UPRA, is the first 100% private Training Institution, dedicated to University Higher Education in the various fields of knowledge, scientific research, postgraduate studies, university extension, directly supporting society.

Created in 2000 through Decree nº 38/00 of 15 December as Instituto Superior Privado de Angola, having passed the University in 2007, through Decree-Law nº 28 of 7 May 2007. Since its creation, the UPRA has distinguished itself in different areas, which allows us from its creation to the present date, to highlight the following:

First University in Angola to hold a Diploma Award Ceremony;

First University in Angola to offer and teach Social Communication courses; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Dentistry; Physiotherapy; Clinical psychology; Hotel and Tourism Management;

Simultaneously with another competing Institution, they were the first to teach and offer the International Relations course;

-First University to offer and teach the Master's course in Hospital Management;

-First Private University to hold (since 2014) the Communication days, entitled “UPRA Communication Week”;

-First Private University to win the title of University Champion in Men's Basketball;

-Won several titles in various university sports (table tennis; football 11; chess; Volleyball);

-First Higher Education Institution to form Grupo Coral, which over the years has performed on various stages;

Since 2005, we have expanded our scope of intervention with the creation and entry into operation of two Poles, namely the Instituto Superior da Tundavala –Huíla (IPS Tundavala) and the Instituto Superior de Cabinda – Cabinda (IPS Cabinda);

Currently, the UPRA has three Faculties, namely:

Faculty of Exact Sciences. Architecture and Urbanism; Civil Engineering; Computer Science and engineering; Mechanical Engineering.

Faculty of Social, Human and Political Sciences. Social Communication; Management and Accounting; Psychology; International relations; Tourism and Hotel Management.

Faculty of Health Sciences. Pharmaceutical Sciences; Nursing; Physiotherapy; Medicine; Dentistry.

The University's top management has made a continuous effort to qualify its teaching staff, update its equipment and renew its pedagogical practices, always with a view to teaching that is only subordinated to the principles of quality, ethics and scientific rigor!

With these objectives in mind, the UPRA has established a set of agreements with different national and international institutions, which allow students and others the opportunity to access the various exchange programs!

By 2018, UPRA had trained and launched more than 5,000 Graduates in different areas and a considerable number of Masters in Hospital Management.

In the expectation of responding to the demands of the present, UPRA assumed and has done everything to implement the University Polyclinic Campus – an imposing structure that will support teaching, practical classes, research, university extension activities and not only health courses! We are developing the urban redevelopment project of the distant commune of Dando, province of Bié, municipality of Nharea, which will provide a better quality of life for the inhabitants of that commune, as we understand that university education cannot be reduced to a mere technical instruction, oriented to the performance of a profession!

We want to continue to grow, making more Angolans, through education, training, research, better able to support the construction of a prosperous and inclusive Angola.


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