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Tswana Pride (pty) Ltd

Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution

Tswana Pride Chickens is a chicken abattoir with a cold storage facility for frozen chicken products, located south-west of Gaborone in rural Botswana. They approached Barpro Storage to design, supply and install a STORAX Mobile Racking system for their cold store, with the specific request that it accommodate plastic pallets.

This was the first time Barpro Storage designed a STORAX system for plastic pallets in the cold. During our research, we discovered that plastic pallets can become brittle in cold storage environments and have a tendency to slip off rack beams. To avoid this, we added metal grids to the STORAX system, increasing the points of contact and creating additional support.

The entire STORAX system was installed using generators, with mains power only activated on the day of commissioning. Nonetheless, the project was completed on schedule and the store remains in immaculate condition with a problem-free STORAX mobile racking system.


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